about me

Fortysomething designer & father living in Los Angeles.

I try to do my thing with a sense of appreciation and curiosity for where we are in history.

I do this because I feel that going out of your way to appreciate beauty where you can find it is an inherently moral act. The participatory act of appreciation carries with it an implicit ownership of the beauty that you manage to find – in fact, in an almost quantum sort of way, beauty doesn’t even exist outside the boundaries of it being appreciated.

Those of us with an artistic bent like to imagine beauty as a property of beautiful things, not a gift lent to them by their audience. I think if you try and remember that it may be more of the latter, you might find yourself in a different creative mindset.

And the next time you find yourself enjoying something or other that speaks to your soul, take heart in the fact that you’re sort of engaging in a cosmic act of interconnectedness – you appreciating it is what gives it it’s value. It’s the free market of finding beauty, in the economy of spiritual engagement.